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Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT)

The Sport Competition Anxiety Test (Martens 1977), commonly known as just the SCAT test, is a self reporting survey about anxiety. The SCAT analyzes an athlete's responses to a series of statements about how they feel in a competitive situation. From the results it is possible to determine a degree of anxiety that impacts on performance levels.

The Sport Anxiety Scale-2

The Sport Anxiety Scale-2 is a questionnaire that assess the com-petitive trait anxiety experienced by athlete's before or during com-petition. (Smith et al., 2006)

Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI)

The Mental Toughness Inventory is a self-report paper and pencil test that assesses 12 characteristics of mental toughness; self-efficacy, potential, self-concept, task familiarity, value, personal bests, goal commitment, perseverance, task focus, positivity, stress minimization, and positive comparisons. (Middleton et al., 2004a)

Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI)

The AMI assesses the strength and motivation to accomplish challenging personal and professional goals as influenced by: (1) desire to set and work towards challenging goals (ambition), (2) confidence to do so (self-assurance) and (3) capacity to sustain effort in working towards the goals you set (self-control). (AMI Manual)

Sports Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20)

The SPQ20 sport psychology assessment test provides information about an athlete's personality and mental skills. The instrument is based on a conceptual model of mental toughness covering personality factors and mental skills that have been shown to impact on athletic performance. The SPQ20 is designed to help athletes understand and measure themselves against the psychological factors that affect a player's performance and potential.  


To understand your athlete, you need a comprehensive evaluation of all things that affect performance. This broad understanding involves who they are as athletes and, just as importantly, who they are as people. Assessments are powerful tools that identify the depths of the athletes' psyches both on and off the field. All assessment tools, whether interviews, mental status exams, personality tests, sport-specific inventories, or psychophysiological measures, help identify the athlete's mental strengths and weakness, with the foundation of mental toughness training directed at enhancing the athlete's strengths while improving his or her weaker areas of functioning. *(Taylor, Jim. (2018). Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology, Human Kinetics: ISBN-13: 9781492526346)

A few of the more popular evaluation instruments can be found below, but include; the Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT), The Sport Anxiety Scale-2, the Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI), Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI), and the Sports Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20).