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How Do I Know If I Need A Sports Psychologist?

I tend to blame others when things 

go wrong.

I perform without issue in practice but struggle when in competition.

I have a tendency to quit when things get difficult.

I am easily frustrated when I make mistakes, 

fail, or when things do not go my way.

I am easily distracted or have difficulty concentrating on what I'm doing.

I sometimes feel like I need to be 

perfect when I play.

I seem to set goals that are unrealistic 

and unachievable.

I have pre-game jitters that cause me to have doubts about my abilities.

I worry about losing my spot on the team.

I feel the pressure to perform based on

what others expect of me.

If you answered ''yes'' to any of the prior statements, you probably should consult with a Sports Psychologist.

Having The Correct Mental Approach

Is Key To Success In The Athletic Realm!

Having the correct mental approach is key to success in the athletic realm. Given the extraordinarily difficult path athlete's face, success comes to those who put in the time through effort, focus and hard work, demonstrate a willingness to make sacrifices, along with the ability to cope with and persevere through adverse times. High achievers who have a passion for what they do, are determined to succeed with unyielding levels of confidence, are those equipped with the mental skills necessary to compete and differentiate themselves from the rest.

If you believe you might not possess the correct mental approach to succeed at the levels you dream of, it might be time to investigate how working with a sports psychologist could help see your dreams fulfilled.

To be sure, by reading the following performance related statements, you should quickly recognize whether or not you could benefit from mental toughness training.