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​"I wish Mental Edge Sports Psychology was around during my baseball playing days. There is no doubt they would have helped me and certainly would have enhanced my career."

-- Art Shamsky - 1969 World Champion NY Mets

Dr. Runsdorf has more than 20 years of experience in helping athletes who struggle to achieve their potential. He works with professional and amateur athletes as well as the youth of today helping them with any issues they may have while playing sports. These days every team in the major leagues in all sports have a professional like Dr. Myles and I can say that he is the best I have seen. I only wish I had had someone like him to help me when I played. He makes the game enjoyable and gets the most out of the athlete.

-- Ron Blomberg - NY Yankee and 

First Designated Hitter In MLB History

Dr. Myles worked with our team so that we could reach higher levels of play. With so many young players on the team, Dr. Myles helped us to understand the need for a plan, he taught us about goal-setting that makes sense, and he impressed upon us the importance of focussing on the process rather than results.

- Joe W. - High School Coach In South Florida

Dr. Myles is a passionate, communicative professional who related well to my son. After only a few sessions, he offered insights and advice that were immediately beneficial to the way our son plays his game. Amazing difference!

- Daniel R. - Travel Ball Mom

"Working with Dr. Myles has been the most significant change to my training program. Before​ I met him, I struggled with my confidence, I worried about what ‘could go wrong,’ and whether or not I was ‘good enough’ to earn a scholarship to play baseball in college. My mindset was a mess! But Dr. Myles helped me change all of that! I followed his advice and found my confidence, I learned how to set the right kind of goals, and came to understand that if I focussed on what I could control, I’d achieve more and worry less…and he was right! I am now a scholarship athlete at a DI school and could not be happier! Dr. Myles is the real deal!

J. S. — Division 1 Baseball Player 

About Dr. Myles

Myles A. Runsdorf, Psy.D.

"Dr. Myles"

Myles A. Runsdorf, Psy.D. is a Florida Licensed Psychologist with a doctoral degree in clinical child psychology, and masters' degrees in school and sport psychology. As a professional, Dr. Runsdorf has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations, helping them to overcome disabling conditions as they strive for something better. In treatment, Dr. Runsdorf relies upon his expertise and wide ranging knowledge of psychological concepts when working with athletes, teams, and organizations in their efforts to succeed on the field of play.

Dr. Runsdorf skillfully identifies the mental and physical strengths and weaknesses of the performer, working to enhance the athlete’s strengths while developing a treatment program to improve on the areas of weakness, the latter which serve as roadblocks or impediments to achievement. In terms of the treatment plan itself, Dr. Runsdorf focuses on the athlete’s mind-body relationship and how best this connection serves the athlete or athletes as they pursue success.

With respect to clientele, Dr. Runsdorf works with youths who desire better game-day experiences, high-school athletes who desire to play in college, college athletes with designs on a career in professional sports, amateur athletes who “dream” of playing like champions, and the professional athlete who seeks more consistency when they compete. All told, Dr. Runsdorf works with competitors from a range of sports-related activities, assisting them as they reach for new heights as mentally tough competitors.